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[x]Skin rejuvenation/back scrub
[x]Sign up sliming package at jean yip
[x]purple/black/white/pink crystal bracelet
[x]Mac eye liner / founation
[x]Anna sui concealer/ eye shadow palette
[x]Any brand of blusher gd ? any1 intro ?
[x]LOUIS VUITTON neverfull GM / Lv sling
[x]Hair wig
[x]Car license
[x]brand new pc
[x]Gucci sunglass
[x]Clip On hair extention
[x]shu uemura Pro spot concealer
[x]Dior Addict 2
[x]Star cruise
[x]New hp
[x]prada handbag
[x]Guess/gucci long wallet
[x]Gucci/Kate Spade tote bag [x]Go hongkong/taiwan/japan/paris/thailand
[x]CHANEL swarvoski dangle crystal earring /CC Logo Crystal Necklace
[x]Master all e skill in hair styling
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well... it's another boring dayz... quited my job since last 2 week haha now finally gt time to rest ... =) now i rather stay at home den go out but still sching on thur n fri ... BORED~!
had completed module 6 but don even done 1 live model on e module n jump to module 7 gosh gosh ...gona start finding model for exam soon. BORED


argh... well still had to face e fact , i gona interview REDS proberly nxt mth ... Wish mi gd luck =)

-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

Friday, March 27, 2009

HAPPY 21 st BDAY To mi~!! ..

finally gt time to blog le =)

Ok let start form 23rd march, it's kinda fun tt night. Together wif my click we play poker, mahjong ...etc... haha
kaiming plan to sabo mi tt night by making mi drink But in e end he's e one tt drunk like hell, until e nxt day still cannot tahan... haha So i do believe in karma =x


HAHA... on e actual day , My GRACY CAME~!! yeah she gona help wif e moi decoration =)LOVE HER ..


my family =)

LOve THem... haha ..

MY Bday WIsh is to earn Big $$
AND Foreva Xin fu . =)
LAstly is ... every1 around mi Stay Happy alway =)

Shall upload my present nxt time =) ... cos too many present liao HAha need time to a arrange nicely .. haha ..

-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

Thursday, December 11, 2008

When st jame damn early la ... 10 + reach liao haha first time see inside so empty haha ...Was so drunk yest ~~ omg...lucky gerald send mi home ... but ... his wallet lost ... dono drop wher le...so sad. hahah but enjoy yest ~ haha

-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

went JJ party 3 ^^ i love jj so much now ... his voice so power lo... =)

haha .. shall upload e video nxt time... haha ^^ after tt went changi airport eat ^^ yum yum...

-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

Monday, November 24, 2008

enjoy my dayz at chapter 2 ^^ although its one week nia but i learn a lot of thing hahah ....

hehe ... lookin forward to join u guys again ^^

-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm currently looking for model( shoulder length ) !!

Date :21th nov 2008
Time :1.30 pm to 3.30pm
venue :city hall
funan IT mall
kimage sch of hair dressing
- dyeing(darkening)
Is either cover grey hair or if u have bleached/lighten hair u want to cover dark u can find mi !! thx

Date :24th nov 2008
Time :3.15 pm to 4.45pm
venue :city hall
funan IT mall
kimage sch of hair dressing
- Cutting
Some1 who is willing to cut short , about 1 inches , ideal length is below shoulder 1 /2 inches.
either of it --> one length cut , layer cut , Bob style

- One Free biolex treatment

interested pls pm or call mi ~ !! 90465151 (kim)

-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

New colour For her ...

AFter LOreal's cls.. went to sis bf hse ~ OMG U noe wad ~!! ok la outside look so nice , it's a semi terrace but look wad's inside ~!!!!

E onli cofortable Thing in e room is e bed ~~ so cosy~ haha fell a slp for 1 hrs plus .. e stupid alarm rang sis had to wake up go her lesson at tpy .. n mimi frenz lobang us go mrt then we separated. i went to thiong baru find gerald for dinner n go home slp~!! haha

-I'm waiting.. still waiting.... ;

Love Story - Taylor Swift